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What People Are Say about Mountain Community Radio and TV Networks

Obscure Rush - you guys are the best!!!

Ok. I'm not an internet weirdo or anything, who will email you every 10 seconds now, but just had to say THANKS for playing older, not-radio-popular Rush!! thanks thanks!

The best also

Your not only the Biggest little radio station on earth also the best on internet.

Greetings from Europe


I just stumbled upon your station earlier this week as I was searching
for some really great music to listen to as I worked. FCC has blocked us
from listening to any of our own stations. Really enjoy all the great oldies
you play! I will definitely tell others about your station!

I was in Evergreen last January on the way to Breckenridge for the first
time so I enjoy seeing the view you have posted on the web site. Wish I
were there to experience a real winter! Hope to get back up there soon.
Keep up the awesome work!


A new fan in Houston

Love the station, I listen every day here in Houston, TX. Recently,
Real Player FORCED me to upgrade, and I noticed some different stuff.
I was wondering why my RealOne Player shows this:
Are you somehow affiliated with this QUAZAR outfit?

Not important, just curious. Keep up the excellent work!

Ken M.

Hello From Rural Nebraska

Boy, I hope you're serious! I've been wondering how you play so many great songs in such superb order? Sorry to hear about the financial difficulties - I hope things pick up. I've turned several of my friends on to your station now - they work in basements as well. I wonder if that says something about my personality??? Oh well. I think you mentioned my email today on the air? It just flipped me out! I told a lot of my friends that I was trying to write to the station, to say thanks. They thought I was pretty weird. Guess I'm just a groupie at heart. Anyway Phil, keep up the great work and I'll be listening!

I hope I have the right email address! I've been trying to figure out how to get in touch with your station ever since I found it on the internet. Let me try to explain why it's been so important to me to get in touch.

I work in the basement of a hospital. Needless to say there's just simply too many electrical "thingys" for me to be able to pull in even our local AM radio station. I went looking on the internet for radio stations and found yours referenced at the BSR site (or maybe it was BRS?).

When your music came up AND there was a picture of the ?spillway? and pine trees and every so often the American Flag flutters across the screen - well I was in HEAVEN. I try very hard to vacation in Colorado every year. I hope to someday retire to a small community in the mountains. I don't know if I can adequately explain how much the music and the little window on a world means to me. The music is quite simply the best mix I've ever heard. It's the music of my growing up/college years - and the memories that come tumbling through along with every note has been pure pleasure.

I heard you tell someone on the air today that you had gotten some good news that the station would stay on awhile longer, and my heart stopped. I've only been listening for about 3 weeks, but I CANNOT imagine not being able to access your station! Can you give me more information? I mean, I know I live in Nebraska - so it's not like I can patronize Evergreen stores (until I drop in for a visit some day) and this year hasn't been very good for anyone I know financially speaking, but if there is something I can do to keep you on, please let me know. I'll do
whatever I can!

Thank you for reaching out and touching my soul with your music and the
pictures of Evergreen. You have made a real impact in my life!

Well, except for the lightning that took you out last week was more great music in my windowless basement.
I see that there is a lot more water coming over the spillway now. We're finally getting some rain here too. My grass is slowly greening up.
Heard you mention some other emails you've gotten from people who have found EGRN on the internet....glad to hear your station is catching on.
I hope it has a long and entertaining run!

Thanks again,

I am a new listener who was invited to listen by a fan - Pam Smith in Indiana. I would like to request anything by Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger,
and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Thanks, and I love the music - please keep it coming!! ; )


You asked us to let you know who's listening & watching...

I'm doing both, from Redding California, 2 hours north of Sacramento.

I found your station a few days ago looking for a good classic rock station on the web. I really like your music mix!

Keep up the good work.

Steven L. Ritter

Hello from a fan in Troy, Michigan!

I get a kick out of watching you broadcast / plus the traffic outside and the music is pretty good too. Watch you on my computer here at work [my business].....I LOVE Evergreen Co.!! Was last there over memorial day a couple years ago ...I actually have a blow up photo of the wooden "Welcome To The Heart of Evergreen " sign which is at your city limits, in my living room along with blown up photos of St Mary's Glacier B & B we stayed at there nearby...

Keep up the good work....hope to join ya'll out there someday!

Paul Lyons
Great Lakes Laminating Co.
Troy, MI

What a great radio station you have. Love the music. I wish I could get your station in my car. I listen almost every weekday!

Great job guys!!!!

Nestor Riano
Roseville, MN

Hey great job!!!!!!!!!!!My ALL time favorite tune with some really really fond memories associated with it. Of course I have requested this once of twice haven't I. You are doing a FANTASTIC job. Makes me want to head to the mountains just to give you a thumbs up! But alas stuck here in Michigan at my county government job. Very much enjoy your station.


To The web master:

I have sent an e-mail once before but I wanted to send one more....

I have really enjoyed listening to your classic rock music. I have tried a lot of web stations but the combo of the great mix of music and your web cam have me hooked. Thanks for the great music & keep up the good work!

Steven L. Ritter
Anderson California

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